Call for Papers

Call for Papers 

The conference will treat each submission seriously and fairly, and invite you to choose the most suitable one for your research on the following topics, but are not limited to:

Track 1: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

- Deep learning algorithms
- Natural language processing
- Intelligent systems and applications
- Cognitive computing
- Neural networks and their applications
- Data mining and knowledge discovery
- Reinforcement learning
- Computer vision and pattern recognition
      Track 2: Software Engineering and Programming

- Agile software development
- Software testing and quality assurance
- Software maintenance and evolution
- Formal methods and verification
- Programming languages and paradigms
- Software metrics and measurements
- Software architecture and design
- Empirical software engineering
Track 3: Computer Networks and Communications

- Network protocols and architectures
- Wireless and mobile networks
- Network security and privacy
- Internet of Things (IoT) and sensor networks
- Cloud computing and networking
- Network performance analysis and optimization
- Network simulation and modeling
- Social networks and online communities
      Track 4: Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience

- Big data processing frameworks
- Data visualization and exploration
- Data mining algorithms and techniques
- Predictive analytics and modeling
- Data preprocessing and cleaning
- Information retrieval and recommendation systems
- Stream processing and real-time analytics
- Social media analytics and sentiment analysis
Track 5: Educational Technology and E-Learning

- Online and blended learning environments
- Learning management systems
- Technology-enhanced learning
- Gamification and game-based learning
- Mobile learning and ubiquitous computing
- Intelligent tutoring systems
- Educational data mining and learning analytics
- Virtual and augmented reality in education
      Track 6: Computer Vision and Image Processing

- Image and video analysis
- Object detection and recognition
- Image segmentation and registration
- Image restoration and enhancement
- 3D computer vision
- Biometrics and face recognition
- Medical image processing
- Visual surveillance and monitoring
Track 7: Computer Graphics and Visualization

- Rendering techniques and algorithms
- Virtual and augmented reality
- Geometric modeling and processing
- Visualization methods and tools
- Computer animation and simulation
- Image-based rendering and synthesis
- Virtual humans and avatars
- Computer-aided design and manufacturing
      Track 8: Data Science and Big Data Analytics

- User interface design and evaluation
- Usability testing and evaluation
- Human-centered design approaches
- Interaction techniques and devices
- Accessibility and assistive technologies
- User modeling and personalization
- Social computing and collaborative systems
- Multimodal interaction and interfaces