Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers
(CSEE 2022)

Prof. Geoff Webb
IEEE Fellow
Monash University, Australia


Geoff Webb is a leading data scientist. He is Research Director of the Monash University Data Futures Institute and a Technical Advisor to data science startups FROOMLE and BigML Inc. The latter have incorporated his best of class association discovery software, Magnum Opus, as a core component of their advanced Machine Learning service. He developed many of the key mechanisms of support-confidence association discovery in the late 1980s. His OPUS search algorithm remains the state-of-the-art in rule search. He pioneered multiple research areas as diverse as black-box user modelling, interactive data analytics and statistically-sound pattern discovery. He has developed many useful machine learning algorithms that are widely deployed. He has applied machine learning in a broad range of applications including manufacturing, finance, medicine, biology and geoscience. He was editor in chief of the premier data mining journal, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery from 2005 to 2014. He has been Program Committee Chair of the two top data mining conferences, ACM SIGKDD and IEEE ICDM, as well as General Chair of ICDM. He is an IEEE Fellow. His many awards include the prestigious inaugural Australian Museum Eureka Prize for Excellence in Data Science. His 250+ academic papers have received over 14,000 citations with an h-index of 60. Seven of his recent papers have been recognised as Clarivate Web of Science High Cite papers (top 1% of citations for the discipline).


Prof. Yannis Dimitriadis
University of Valladolid, Spain


Dr. Yannis Dimitriadis is Full Professor of Telematics Engineering and ex Dean of the Doctoral School, University of Valladolid, Spain. He is also the coordinator of the GSIC/EMIC research group, an inter-disciplinary group, integrating over 20 researchers and practitioners from the field of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) and Pedagogy. His recent research work has focused on learning analytics and smart learning environments, alignment of learning design and learning analytics, design patterns, conceptual and technological support to the orchestration of computer-supported collaborative learning processes, active pedagogies at scale, and across-spaces (Web, 3D worlds and augmented reality) learning. He has participated in more than 50 competitive research projects on technology-enhanced learning, co-authored more than 100 journal papers and 215 conference papers (including several papers at LAK), and organized several workshops and symposia, at ECTEL, CSCL, ISLS, etc. Dr. Dimitriadis is also a senior member of IEEE, member of ISLS, and spent his most recent sabbatical year (2017-2018) at Berkeley, University of Edinburgh, and EPFL. He has recently delivered keynotes and webinars on Human-Centered Learning Analytics and co-organizes the corresponding workshop at LAK 21.