Call for Papers

Call for Papers 

The conference will treat each submission seriously and fairly, and invite you to choose the most suitable one for your research on the following topics, but are not limited to:

 Track 1: Computer Science and Software Engineering 

- Big Data and Database Technologies - Data Mining and Knowledge Recovery
- Knowledge Management and Knowledge Engineering - Evolutionary Computing and Genetic Algorithms
- Neural Networks - Bayesian Networks
- Fuzzy Systems, Soft Computing and Fuzzy Control - Formal Methods and Tools
- Programming Languages - Software Modeling
- Business Process Reengineering - Engineering of Embedded and Real-time Software
- Reengineering, Reverse Engineering - Engineering Secure Software
- Trusted Computing - Safety and Security Critical Software
- Information Security and Privacy Protection - Ubiquitous Computing
- Internet of Things and Web of Things - Image and Signal Processing
- Data Acquisition, Normalization, Analysis and Visualization - Algorithms, Models, Software, and Tools in Bioinformatics
- Biomedical Imaging, Image Processing and Visualization - Multimedia Technologies
- Augmented and Virtual Reality - Human-Computer Interaction
- Distributed Computer Systems - Computer Systems and Networks
- Parallel and Distributed Computing - Information Technology and Information Systems

 Track 2: Engineering 
- Robotic Systems and Technologies - Intelligent Mechatronics and Robotics
- Process Automation - Intelligent Automation
- System Theory and Control Theory - Nonlinear Systems and Control
- Industrial Electronics - Electronics Engineering
- Bioelectrical and Neural Engineering - Biomaterials and Biomedical Optics
- Biomedical Devices, Sensors, and Artificial Organs - Biomedical Robotics and Mechanics
- Rehabilitation Engineering and Clinical Engineering - Health Monitoring Systems and Wearable System
- Bio-signal Processing and Analysis - Biometric and Bio-measurement

 Track 3: Education 
- Knowledge Management in e-Learning - Research Perspectives for e-Learning
- Virtual and Distance Education - Online Learning Environments
- Collaborative Approaches and Technologies - Learning and Content Management Systems
- Big Data in Education and Learning Analytics - Mobile Teaching and Learning Technologies
- Educational Games and Simulations - Virtual Reality Learning Environment
- Augmented Reality in Education - Educational Multimedia
- Emerging Technologies for Learning and Teaching - Open Education
- Networked Learning - Instructional Design and Technology